Spring 2022 Update

Spring is in full swing here in Tucson. As a matter of fact, it’s flown by so quickly that we’re practically into the summer! The Palo Verde trees are in full bloom, bursting with bright yellow color up and down the streets and neighborhoods of our city. Seeing so many trees and flowers blooming in the desert, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Lord has brought many new, exciting, and challenging events into our lives in such a blur these past months.


I know we missed a winter update, so we get to play a little catch-up! In January, Catherine and Jason had an opportunity to join with passionate NewSong house-church leaders from all over. It was a blessed and refreshing time where we got to know the other leaders better and share with them in worship and fellowship. Jason also had a wonderful opportunity to attend and share with one of the San Clemente house-churches (click to listen to the podcast) while staying after the retreat to visit with family in the area.

Last weekend, Jason had the privilege to officiate a baby dedication for a family in Amado, AZ. It was wonderful to see the large family gathering (about 40 people!) come to celebrate this new birth and the parent’s desire to set their son and themselves apart for the Lord. It is such a joy to be able to participate in this special time and minister wherever to Lord calls.

We continue meeting regularly twice a week to fellowship, worship, and learn together. Tuesday Tea has been a wonderful, relaxing time of fellowship along with some great deep discussions that range all over the spectrum. It’s been a great place to talk about the deep things of life and faith (or whatever). We continue to build friendships as we create a safe space for all to feel welcome and loved!

Our Wednesday meetings have been filled with great discussions too! At the beginning of the year, Jason felt the Lord directing our gathering to Romans 12:1-2 where we are challenged as believers to become living sacrifices, transformed to be something different from the world around us. We have been pressing into the meaning of transformative discipleship and learning to truly live from an upsidedown Kingdom perspective. You can hear Jason’s teaching on The Way of Discipleship on the NewSong podcast along with teachings from other NewSong ministry leaders.

Tucson Student Ministries

TSM will be one year old on May 30th! We will be celebrating with friends, family and community at the Vail Coffee Stop on June 3rd at 6PM. We’d love to have you join us as we celebrate all the group’s accomplishments and benchmarks that have been set this past year. Here’s a preview of some TSM successes:

  • A donor blessed us with all our show equipment!
  • We’ve been able to recruit volunteers for our production and outreach teams.
  • We launched a podcast on YouTube.
  • Our volunteers created t-shirt designs to raise funds. See the finished items here!
  • We started partnering with Empire’s FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) club every month!
  • We created an entire music video in three days for a Health and Wellness fair at a local highschool.

As you can see, it’s been a busy year for TSM! Come celebrate with us at the beginning of next month if you are able. We’d love to see you there!

Anderson Family News

It has been a whirlwind of family events over the past few months along with everything else God is doing in our lives! Jason continues to care for his parents twice a week; running errands, taking care of chores and shopping, and making sure they get healthy exercise. He also has his hands full with many other projects around the house – landscaping a huge backyard, maintaining a welcoming home for gatherings of all kinds, and more. He and Catherine both also stay very busy with one-on-one mentoring of so many precious people. We are planting seeds for the future of His Kingdom!

Catherine began intensive infusion therapy in March. These sessions are five days in a row for an average of six hours per session, and the course of treatment is scheduled to last till next March (at least). Each treatment has been very difficult on her bodily health and we are praying daily for wisdom regarding the doctors and treatment. She is amazing as she shines the grace fo God regardless of circumstance and uses the opportunity to witness and share God’s love with staff and patients who are undergoing treatment as well!

Christian started school full-time this semester at a local college! He left his job in a step of faith last fall, God has miraculously provided all the funding necessary. He has had some of his writing published in the school magazine and has been contracted for other projects as well! Charis was certified as an elder-care technician and has been working full-time since the fall as well. She is looking for a position with benefits and is hoping to move out this coming fall!

Samuel is engaged! He started a new job at the beginning of the year and recently decided it was time to raise the “adulting” game. He proposed to a wonderful young lady, Erin, and the two are planning to wed later this year in a small ceremony. We are blessed to have known Erin for the past several years and through this whole process. We are just so excited to see how all of our children are growing in life and with the Lord!

We are so thankful for your love, support, prayers, and friendship. We are grateful to partner together with you in the upside-down kingdom work God is doing in our midst!

Please join us as we pray for

  • wisdom for the next steps in ministry as we grow and learn
  • spirit-filled musicians to partner with us in bringing live worship to our little group
  • healing for Catherine and wisdom with regard to doctors and treatments
  • blessing for our children as they move into new and exciting adventures

We’d love to hear how we can pray for you too!

We are still raising monthly support. If you would like to partner financially, here are some ways you can join us:

  • Donate tax-deductable online by pressing the “Donate” button below or clicking here.
  • Send tax-deductable donations by check. Make payable to Equipnet, write Equip3543 in the memo line, and mail to Equipnet, PO Box 860 Alamo, CA 94507

We love what God is doing in and through you as we partner together in this ministry! 

Be Blessed!
Jason and Catherine Anderson


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