Fall 2022 Update

It's finally Fall in the desert! For a brief period of time, the temperature is perfect and the atmosphere feels charged with the hope of cooler days. Like some periods in life, this Fall-ish season in the desert is fleeting and soon flits away. It seems like that has been our year so far. So … Continue reading Fall 2022 Update

Spring 2022 Update

Spring is in full swing here in Tucson. As a matter of fact, it's flown by so quickly that we're practically into the summer! The Palo Verde trees are in full bloom, bursting with bright yellow color up and down the streets and neighborhoods of our city. Seeing so many trees and flowers blooming in … Continue reading Spring 2022 Update

Candlelight for Christmas

Each year, it seems the rush of the season distracts us with activities and events strung together one after another. We often lose sight of the things that really matter as we hectically hurry from place to place. Choosing to slow down, to remind ourselves of the joy of life all around us, is perhaps … Continue reading Candlelight for Christmas

Being Human

What are human beings that you think about them; What are human beings that you pay attention to them? Psalm 8:4, CEB I’ve noticed an alarming trend lately in Christian culture as we continue to wrestle with what it means to be human. There seem to be two distinct viewpoints vying for our attention as … Continue reading Being Human

Fall 2021 Update

We only notice the changing of the seasons here in Tucson as we see the colors and smells of pumpkin spice come out in the coffeehouses and stores all around town. Let me tell you, we may not have much of a fall in the desert, but it has been an exciting summer as we've … Continue reading Fall 2021 Update

Caution, Adventure Ahead!

Hello Friends and Family! Some of you may know that Catherine and I have transitioned as we respond to God’s call on our life regarding family and ministry. Over this past season, God has been calling Catherine and me to step out into independent ministry in partnership with Catherine’s brother and his wife, Chris and … Continue reading Caution, Adventure Ahead!

Servant Leaders Build Teams

Leaders must involve others to reach a shared goal, and they fail when they put too much trust in their own efforts and those efforts alone…. You cannot lead unless others are just as moved by the vision and sense of mission as you are. And it’s up to you to create that vision/mission and … Continue reading Servant Leaders Build Teams

Servant Leaders Empower Others

This week we again focus on a servant leader’s responsibility to those they lead. Matthew 28:18-20 shows how Jesus commissioned that group of followers in whom he had invested. Jesus models empowering those He equipped and sending them with a commission to impact the world. No matter which field or endeavor in which you are … Continue reading Servant Leaders Empower Others

Servant Leaders Equip Others

This week, we focus on a servant leader’s responsibility to those they lead. Ephesians 4:11-13 teaches us that God raises up leaders to prepare and equip the church for the work of ministry. Servant leaders are called to build up the whole body, to help them realize the unity of faith and knowledge of Jesus, … Continue reading Servant Leaders Equip Others

Three Activities of a Servant Leader, Part 3

The last of the three activities we want to look at is the act of service. Service helps leaders develop a deeper heart of compassion for others. Jesus summed up the core of the Law with two commands; love God with everything you are and everything you have, and love others selflessly (Matt 22:36-40). These … Continue reading Three Activities of a Servant Leader, Part 3