2023 Spring Update

The desert has enjoyed a nice easy transition from Winter through Spring. Likewise, the inexorable movement and shift of time has brought growth and change in our own lives as well. The change from Winter to Spring here comes subtly and is often missed in the slowly advancing march of time from one day to … Continue reading 2023 Spring Update


2023 New Year Update

A new year is upon us all! With the new comes challenge and change like a fresh wind into each life (although it may not always feel that way). What a great opportunity to refresh ourselves and prepare for all that God has for each of us in the coming year. I pray that this … Continue reading 2023 New Year Update

Fall 2022 Update

It's finally Fall in the desert! For a brief period of time, the temperature is perfect and the atmosphere feels charged with the hope of cooler days. Like some periods in life, this Fall-ish season in the desert is fleeting and soon flits away. It seems like that has been our year so far. So … Continue reading Fall 2022 Update

Spring 2022 Update

Spring is in full swing here in Tucson. As a matter of fact, it's flown by so quickly that we're practically into the summer! The Palo Verde trees are in full bloom, bursting with bright yellow color up and down the streets and neighborhoods of our city. Seeing so many trees and flowers blooming in … Continue reading Spring 2022 Update

Fall 2021 Update

We only notice the changing of the seasons here in Tucson as we see the colors and smells of pumpkin spice come out in the coffeehouses and stores all around town. Let me tell you, we may not have much of a fall in the desert, but it has been an exciting summer as we've … Continue reading Fall 2021 Update