Caution, Adventure Ahead!

Hello Friends and Family!

Some of you may know that Catherine and I have transitioned as we respond to God’s call on our life regarding family and ministry. Over this past season, God has been calling Catherine and me to step out into independent ministry in partnership with Catherine’s brother and his wife, Chris and Tiffany, in California. At the same time, my parents, who recently moved to Tucson this past winter, began to experience significant health issues that require an increasing level of family care and support. So, last month, I stepped down from the full-time position at Passion Church to better care for my parents and have the flexibility to pursue God’s call at the same time. We are so excited to be stepping into new adventures with God!

We believe God is calling us to reach the lost, hurting, and broken outside the walls of the traditional church setting to bring hope to seemingly hopeless situations, to shine the Light of the World into the darkness in our community, to disciple others into a deep and growing relationship with God, and to reach the city of Tucson, Arizona and beyond with the power and love of Jesus Christ. We are still discovering the scope of this calling as we journey with God while remaining confident of His call on our lives and trusting of Him to bring clarity. Here are some of the things we believe this may look like as we press ahead:

  • An equipping movement that sends empowered individuals out to impact communities
  • A collection of groups where unbelievers encounter the grace of God and grow in faith
  • A collection of groups where believers mature and grow in their Christian faith
  • A place for launching groups that reach into schools, colleges, and universities to bring the gospel message of hope to a broken and hurting generation
  • All of this, and more than we can imagine!

If you’re wondering why we’re staying and focusing on the Tucson metropolitan area where we currently live, I’d like to highlight the 2019 Barna study that reports Tucson among the top 10 “post-Christian” cities in the U.S. Tucson has a population of over 1 million yet sees less than 10% of that population attending any kind of church. This is interesting because on a 5 mile stretch of road close to our house there are 9 different churches. Regardless of the availability of churches, Tucson ranks number 8 on Baran’s list of most unchurched cities in America!

As we’ve prayed into these things, we’ve become more and more burdened for this community and the younger generation. According to a recent news article, the suicide rate among teens (12–17 years) has jumped 67% and referrals to mental health care are growing. God has asked if we would be willing to GO to whomever, whenever, wherever He leads (especially to young people), and our response is a resounding YES! As we have shared with friends and family, God has already begun stirring hearts to help us, which has been affirming and faith-building!

Our goal is to create a team of partners and intercessors who will walk with us on this grand adventure with God. So, we’re extending this invitation to you. Would you be willing to come alongside us in prayer? Would you be willing to sew financially into this adventure? If so, please let us know how the Holy Spirit is leading you. Tax-deductible donations can be made on our giving page or by pressing the “Donate” button below. Thank you for praying about all of this!

Jason and Catherine


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