“Suddenly” Moments

The “suddenly” moments in our lives can be surprising. Often, they are challenging. Occasionally they become disruptive to your life rhythms. Even things that are well planned and prepared ahead of time can turn in to those surprising, challenging, disruptive “suddenly” moments.

This is the case with writing and blogging in this season of my life. It has been disrupted, become challenging, and was a bit of a surprise!

I’ve gone back to school…

It was well planned, and I even thought I was prepared. But then the classes started, one after another. Full-time school, full-time work, and full-time family life is a lot to juggle. So, going back to school became a “suddenly” moment.

Suddenly, I found myself with less time. Suddenly, I had too many plates spinning in the air. Suddenly, I had tons of books to read. Suddenly, all my extra words were getting used up in writing papers and discussion board posts.

With this amazing “suddenly,” I often find myself out of time for even the simple things I used to do. So, bear with me as I work for the next few years to finish the next step on this journey with God. I’ll post as I can, and soon be back to filling pages with words about the Upside-down Kingdom.